How do I hide or remove Genesis in-post SEO Settings

If you are using Genesis theme for your WordPress based website, this tips on how do How do I hide or remove Genesis in-post SEO Settings might be useful for you as I find it so.

Genesis framework theme for WordPress has many built in great features, and one of them is SEO for pages and post.How to hide and remove seo setting for post in wordpress

If for some reason you do want to have SEO SETTING for post, this how do How do I hide or remove enesis in-post SEO Settings is for you.

1. Open up the function.php within your Genesis child theme you are using, and place this peace of code before closing


(if any).

/** Remove Genesis in-post SEO Settings */
remove_action( 'admin_menu', 'genesis_add_inpost_seo_box' );

2. Do not forget to save your function.php after make the changes.

That’s it, hope you find this useful.

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